Vasily Andreevich Kuzmin

Creativity expressing in any musical way any imaginable idea
Vasiliy Kuzmin

Vasily Andreevich Kuzmin (born January 4, 1997, Russian Federation, Moscow) is a Russian composer who specializes in writing music in academic form, in particular, writing fugues. In his work he relies on emotional impressions and ideas, placing them in a rather conventional framework of academic forms. Unlike most modern composers, positioning themselves as neoclassicists, striving to simplify musical forms and language, does not relate to any current in music; Accentuates in his work on the very idea, putting under the convention the significance of the ways of its realization.

At the moment he lives in Moscow.

Chronological Biography:

  • 1997, January 4 - was born in Moscow.
  • 2008, September - was enrolled in the music school, where for one year of study passed the program of 1-3 grades.
  • 2011, summer - wrote the first, in some way independent works of miniature, which later entered the "children's" album "Poppy Flower" (currently not included in the list of works and marked as opus number 0).
  • 2013, May - graduated with honors from music school.
  • 2014, August - after qualifying tests, he entered the first course of the conductor choir department of the Academic Music College at the Moscow State Conservatory named after Petr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.
  • 2015, June - moved to the Moscow Regional Musical College named after Alexander Nikolayevich Scriabin in Elektrostal for a second year at the Department of Music Theory.
  • 2015, June-August - a trip to Lviv, Ukraine, where he was for some time in hospital. During his stay abroad, the first serious work was written - "Fugue in C Minor" (op. 28), and an acquaintance with the famous academic composer of the city of Rostov-on-Don Vasilisa Gorochnaya. With her, she received necessary and additional knowledge in the field of the history of music and polyphony.
  • 2015, November 27 - met with the poet, pop singer and composer Dmitry Badretdinov. Communication gradually turns into a musical collaboration, which continues to this day.
  • 2015, December - after disagreements with the leadership of the college he dropped his training and moved to Moscow.
  • 2017, January 28 - the first album - "The Year of Snow Wanderings", composed of the twelve most significant works written for 2016 was collected and processed.